LilliBobi came to us in June with his brothers Leo, Coco and Lilli, and his sister Trixie.

All these five street kittens were very undernourished and in a poor state of health, and all had a fungal infection on their fur which took quite a while to diagnose and treat.

Of his siblings Bobi was the least friendly. But he was extremely protective of his brothers and sister and would always put himself in front of the others to protect them when it was time for treatment.

As it is unusual for a litter to manage to stay together when their mother is not able to be with them, I suspect that it was Bobi that kept them together.

He has become a lot more friendly with people now, and of course he still loves his family members.


In mid November 2020 Bobi was adopted along with his brother Leo and sister Trixie. A triple adoption is very rare for us, and we are delighted that Bobi has his brother and sister to help him adjust to his new life.