Iggy is an older male cat that came to us from a dog shelter along with his partner Dil.

Originally he was called Picasso.

He had spent some time in the shelter without being neutered or tamed, and so he has some issues with people.

His partner Dil has improved well and is now reasonably tame and free, but Iggy continues to prefer the company of cats, and he is still restricted from going free in the garden.

Ultimately we hope he will be able to be entirely free but we don’t think that he will ever be re-homed.

Free to roam

Since March of 2020 Iggy and Dil have been free to roam about the garden. The whole slow release process went well enough with only one issue.

Now they are both free and can sleep where they want. If the weather is not good they choose to sleep in their original catio, or in the shed with Tina the dog.

They get fed in the catio like always, but often come up to eat with the other cats at the house too.

All in all they seem to like their new life here, and appear to be happy.