Jantse is another of the four kittens that came to us in August 2020. He is a brother to Paquita, Fonsi and Rubi, and his mother is Cococha.

The most timid of his litter, he had a difficult time adjusting to life here, and it took him a few days to start trusting us. While his siblings are quite confident, he may always be a little bit shy.

This was his first day with us, and you can see that he is very timid.

But after some time he has relaxed and is a confident cat now. Here he is with his brother Fonzi and Jasper.


Jantse and his brother Fonzi went to their new home on the 27th November 2020. So far everything seems to be going well, and we have been told that it did not take Jantse very long to get comfortable.

Hopefully things will continue going well for these cats.