Nebula arrived with her sister Gamora and brother Rocket at the end of June 2020. A small cat like her sister, she is very healthy and friendly. We don’t think she is a street cat.

She is a loving cat that likes playing with her siblings, as well as getting attention from humans.

She can also be quite independent, and very calm.


Nebula has been chosen for adoption and should be going to her new home along with her sister Gamora after they have had their second vaccinations.


Nebula and her sister Gamora went to their new home together on the 27th of November 2020. Unfortunately their were some issues and they came back to us on the 29th.

The problem was not in any way related to the cats themselves, it was an issue with the landlord of the people that adopted them.

Neither of them seem to have any issues with being returned. Sometimes cats that are returned can be somewhat angry or confused, but these little cats seemed to take it well.

They are both available again for adoption.