Taken in by Amancu the local charity and given to us as a foster cat, Sabrina is the most wild of any of the cats that we currently have, and probably one of the most wild we have ever had to deal with.

She can be quite aggressive when confronted by people, but she gets on very well with the other cats. She lives with Iggy and Dil, and the others that stay with them from time to time.

She is neutered but is not free to roam just yet. She was born probably spring 2019 and it seems unlikely that she will ever be adopted.

At the time of writing we are just beginning to introduce her to the outdoors.

Update; Since the middle of March 2020 Sabrina has been free to roam in the garden, and to go in and out of the catio as she likes.

She seems to be happy with the new arrangements. We have taken her out of the ‘foster’ category as she is now a permanent resident.