Stitch was born to a young street cat the summer of 2017, and was the only surviving kitten from his litter.

He is a large, long haired orange cat, very quiet but friendly and not at all wild.

He is mainly a solitary cat but seems to be getting used to the other cats here lately.

He does sleep inside as it suits him, but seems to prefer to spend most of his time in the garden.


Stitch developed sudden onset adult ataxia due to tumors. Unfortunately he had multiple tumors and there was no option for surgical intervention. He had to be put to sleep when he developed breathing difficulties on the 11th December 2023.

Thankfully his illness from the first symptoms to his death was short and we hope it was not too difficult for him. He had been an outdoor cat all his life, and when he developed ataxia he could no longer be allowed out unsupervised.

Stitch was a very special cat, with a very serene manner. He will be missed.