Timmy is our superstar cat, weighing in currently at over 8 kilos.

He is a brother to Tangle, but when he came to us he was ill and so it was easier to tame him as we had to treat his condition.

He was quite timid when he was younger, but now he is super confident and gets on very well with most of the other cats, though he can be a bit bossy with some of them.

Timmy being beautiful

An exceptionally loving cat to people, he is actually the most beautiful cat in the world, though he does not seem to let that go to his head.


In May of 2023 Timmy was diagnosed with Leishmania and diabetes. Leishmania is quite rare in cats, and he did not have the more common skin issues associated with this disease.

The type of leishmania that he had affected his organs and caused the diabetes. We began the usual treatment, and started him on Minodiab for the diabetes. This worked quite well, and we saw improvement.

However, in October 2023 we were unable to get the Minodiab (the shortage of medication is an ongoing issue for people with Diabetes) and so we changed to Caninsulin injections. This treatment also seemed to be working but Timmy died suddenly in the night of 12th November 2023.

Timmy was an incredible cat, good-natured and loving to people. He was a massive part of our life here and will be missed.