Wendy is with us as a foster cat for Amancu, though she is not quite ready to be adopted just yet.

She was taken in by the charity last summer when she was just two months old. She had been bitten by a dog and the wound had become infected.

Consequently she spend over a month in hospital to have the infection treated and then had surgery to rebuild her arm.

All in all she had a very difficult start in life, and being in pain and caged did not help with her socialization.

She was quite wild when she came here, but slowly she had become more tame, although sadly only with us. She still is quite wary of new people and takes a long time to get used to them, though surprisingly she seems to be ok with the dogs.

She will need more treatment on her arm so she can’t go in adoption just yet.

Unfortunately Wendy tested positive for FLV and so the outlook for her adoption is not good.


Unfortunately Wendy died on the 7th of January 2023. She was about three years and four months old.

It seems that she died from Amyloidosis of the liver. She had seemed fine and ate her dinner like normal. The next day she was sleepy and didn’t eat much. The following day she was dying.

We took her to the vet but she died shortly afterwards. Tests showed it was Amyloidosis, which it seems is rare. We had not had a case before Wendy.

It was quite sudden, which I suppose is a good thing – she did not have a long drawn out suffering. But for us it was a shock. She had become a very personable little cat, and her loss was felt deeply.